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Almost at my next hundred, so blog rates! :)



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Out with the old, in with the new!


Unfollowed any inactive blogs to make way for some fresh new blogs to spruce up my dash! Reblog this post and i will check out your blog and potentially follow!

Equine blogs only (>85% equine related please)
Only checking out reblogs!

No limit :) Checking out everyone! May share some of my new favourites later today in a promo.

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As a welcome back to America, you guys blessed me with 1,000 followers.
As a thank you, I will be promoting every one of my followers who reblogs this.
Will be done in groups of 5 with favorites bolded. I might even follow some back!

I’ll give this until Wednesday because I wanna promo as many as possible(:

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You can’t spell equestrian without quest. Hold on for the ride and fight through the ups and downs. You’re gonna be just fine.

Went on a trailride with eachuisge today. Beau and West were a little ridiculous, spooking at things that never bothered them before, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was because a storm was rolling in.

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I hope to the horse gods that this gif works

Because my horse is a pro through ground poles


As a human this mindfucks me idk how your horse does it so flawlessly

how do you fucking do this, this is the hell of horse riding

ayyy who do i have to sell my soul to for this

thecityhorse It’s not a jump, but here’s an idea for the arena. Looks fun to me!
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Easter promo!


Mbf me
Reblogs only
First 25-30
Ends at 730 pm EST
Okay, have a great rest of your Easter!☺️

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Happy Easter y’all!!!

I wish I’d had an Easter Gadget as a kid instead of an Easter Bunny. He’s too cute.

Happy Easter to all my followers!

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1stthings3rd says: Hello, quick question: do you have any advice or information you can give me about yards and your instructors in America? I'm coming over from Britain next summer to teach riding at summer camps and if you have any pointers so I can mentally prepare myself I'll really appreciate it! Cheers in advance x
I think it completely depends on what part of the country you’re teaching in, and at what type of barn. I can only speak for Texas, but there’s a pretty big divide in the small, privately owned barns and the huge boarding facilities in attitude and atmosphere. Do you know what kind of barn you’re going to be teaching at?

As for the people, no matter where you are, I’d say just be as confident as you can. Americans tend to be loud and pushy, but don’t let it intimidate you. 

Sorry for the cruddy answer, but I haven’t got much experience with barns outside of my state!

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I had the barn to myself again on Monday, so I spent most of the day playing around with the pone. 

Honestly, he surprised me by being so willing to move in the small arena. I’ve never lunged him without a line, but he was quite happy to keep going as long as I kept encouraging him. We started off without any obstacles, and he was doing so well that I put out some ground poles to see what he’d do. By the end of our little play session, I’d put down some tiny crossrails and he started off by running through them- I got out the lunge whip and bam. Total rockstar.

I am so happy with how much progress we’ve made since October. I still don’t believe he’s mine sometimes.