This is the animal they chose to represent Satan. 








The Father of Lies


Evil Personified


Just think about that for a moment. 

thecityhorse, I feel like there’s a photo of Stevie somewhere that should be added to this!
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Sweaty boy. :(

His heels got trimmed way too short when the farrier came out, and so while I wait for them to grow to where he’s more comfortable, I’ll be focusing on my riding during lessons.

Today was fantastic. I had a lesson on Sapphire, and she is so so much fun. Probably one of my favorite horses ever under saddle. We worked on a new method of contact through the bit and it was amazing to see her completely change her way of going. She was so much more willing to push into the bridle and she was so much more receptive to my verbal cues.

My leg position was better, I’m hoping back to normal, and my stamina is back to where it should be. These are the kinds of lessons I missed- The ones where I walk away feeling accomplished, and proud of how things went.

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Our kill pen pony needs a name!! Suggestions welcome, she’s on her way to QT now. :)

I’m so excited to meet this girl on Saturday. My first real project pony- West doesn’t count. He’s more a teacher than a project.

I came up with Tippy as her name, shown as Through the Tulips. What do you guys think?

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Angel bb is the best bb.

It’s too hot to do anything but hide from the sun and take pictures.

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It’s only 11am and both West and I are pouring sweat just standing around.

Thanks, Texas. Looks like it’s that time of year when nothing can be accomplished after 9am.

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hoofbeat-legato & I just saved this pony.

She arrives Saturday.

10yr old 12hh mare.

You guys. I went and did another thing.

But just look at her face. How could I refuse?

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Pretty sure West is my spirit animal.

I can’t go out to see him today, so I’m looking through my old pictures. But yay- the farrier was out and we should be back to work on Monday!

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hoofbeat-legato has started student teaching during some of my able body lessons..this teeny tiny is her first student, she’s about to turn 5 and is iz’s baby sister, they ride at the same time but because of her age she will be on on lead line for a while and is the perfect time for Shelby to learn how to teach the basics / up down lessons.

She’s been helping teach ground skills for a few months now including round pen basics to my summer camp kids so it really only makes sense for her to move forward and learn how to teach the up downers, plus the kids love her and I’m enjoying teaching her how to teach :P

I was more than a little surprised when the words ‘student teacher’ came up, I won’t lie.

With West on his way to becoming a therapy horse, and now with Jess teaching me how to teach- I’ve never felt more like I’m on the right path.

It’s an amazing feeling. :)

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It’s a beautiful, breezy day, so I thought I’d get some work in with my boy and then give him a well deserved bath.

He did a very short lesson at the walk, ouchy feet and all, and was his usual saintly self. After a little two hour break, we worked in the round pen on bending at the walk and trot, and on our verbal cue for the canter. Maybe twenty minutes total, but he seemed less bothered by his feet in the soft sandy edge of the round pen.

Friday needs to come sooner- his poor feet need a trim!

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West loves his weeds.

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