I found some new stretches to work with West on, during our daily groom-and-stretch routine. That, and a few new massages to help his topline. 

I’m excited for tomorrow- I’ve finally decided to put some of my dog training skill to work with him, and I’m bringing my clicker out to teach him some new things. We’ll start with ‘touch’, but eventually I want to get to ‘smile’ and ‘bow’ and ‘lay down’. He’s so good with verbal cues (‘foot’ to lift his foot, ‘over’ to move over, ‘step’ to move up a step) already, so I don’t think it will take long.

Any suggestions for more tricks to teach him?

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The quality really sucks but I’m having too much fun making these.


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Anonymous: "1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10"

1) Sporty or Stocky
4) Arena or Field
6) Roman Nose, Dished, or Refined Face
7) Sweet or Spirited
9) Shoes or Barefoot
10) Short Mane or Long Mane

Thank you! :)

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I tried a thing

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Anonymous: "20"

20) Have you ever been bucked off?

By the dearest, sweetest, sassiest quarter horse I know- Miss Jovie. At least it wasn’t too far to the ground.

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All of his stitches are out!!

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some interesting equestrian questions

this or that

1: sporty or stocky

2: colorful or plain polos

3: paddock boots or tall boots

4: arena or field

5: bareback or bridleless

6: roman nose, dished, or refined face

7: sweet or spirited

8: black or brown tack

9: shoes or barefoot

10: short mane or long mane

have you ever

11: taught a horse a trick

12: sat on a laying down horse

13: tried a discipline different than what you usually do

14: gone on a trail ride at night

15: ridden a 13hh pony (or smaller)

16: ridden a horse taller than 17hh

17: jumped bareback

18: ridden tackless

19: given a horse a shot

20: been bucked off

describe your

21: horse

22: barn

23: instructor

24: riding friends

25: equestrian life

general questions

26: favorite breed and color

27: english or western

28: hunters or jumpers

29: barrels or pleasure

30: how long have you been riding

please keep equinefeather as the credit. 15handsandcounting also helped come up with some of these (:

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These two are my favorite recent pictures of him.

mazthespaz, give me some of your talent! I have no idea what I’m doing behind a camera, clearly.

At least he’s cute.

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A little over a year ago.

Sometimes I wonder what things would be like if Bob had never left. It was for the best- his health was failing and he was working himself too hard. Still, though, I miss him.

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All but two of his stitches came out today. :)

By the end, he was getting a little irritated and I didn’t want to push it. The last ones are right where the deepest part of his deeper cut is, so it won’t hurt to leave those in another day or two.

I think Monday he’ll go back in the pasture with his boys!

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