Boo got his first second fanart.

Okay. I paid for it. But still.

Thank you, tactigal!!!

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Hello!! In honor of autumn approaching I have decided to do another giveaway! The winner of this giveaway will receive a free pair of Hunter Boots of their choice: any size and any color! Must reblog this post (likes dont count, I’m sorry!) and be following me and you’ll automatically be entered! Read the description on the picture to see how you can get two times as many entries!! If you have any questions, feel free to message me! Giveaway ends November 6th and the more you reblog this the more you’ll be entered. Good luck to each and every one of you and have a great day! Xoxo Kate

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My studly boy. Unf.

Since I can’t sleep, anyone with some conformation knowledge want to tell me what they think of West? star-crossed-equine jumpsandbumps craigslisthorses
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This is not a mule. This is a bunny rabbit in disguise.

I want her.

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Had a little colic scare today. He’s fine now, but he was laying down when I went out to feed, and even though he got up to see me, he laid right back down and stayed down while I threw hay.

I got him up and walked him while everyone else ate their grain, and it only took a few minutes for him to feel good enough to start chowing down on grass.

Even when he’s feeling sick, he’s adorable- Ft. Cash’s giant moose head.
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The cute is strong in this one.

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My three life mottos


1. Do what you gotta do
2. Roll with the punches
3. Que sera, sera

And damn life is good, chasing that dream, going with the flow on the way there

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Okay so I’m about to write an essay I really DON’T want to do so let’s do a promo! (:


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want a solo promo or blog rate?

send me a message with song I can listen too and tell me which me which one you want.

Whatcha get:

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Okay love you guys, keep me entertained, love you

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Look how much joy our giant windchime, a part of our Sensory Trail at New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy brings our riders!! Anyone who follows my facebook knows what an amazing job I have and what an incredible thing therapeutic riding is for everyone involved…

October 25 2014 is our Fall Festival and a chance to come see what we do first hand! Plus pony rides, a silent auction face painting, bobbing for apples and all that fun Fall stuff.

I hope all see everyone there and if you’re interested in being a bigger part of the Fall Festival, or New Hope we are *still* accepting silent auction donations and we are ALWAYS accepting project donations and volunteers! And yes, as a 501c its all tax deductible an time volunteered qualified for NHS & college requirements!

I greatly appreciate any reblogs if you have TX followers!!

Super excited for this fall festival. Anyone who can come, should!

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Blog rate: 5/10

Not my kind of blog, sorry! The pictures were interesting to scroll through, though, and I adore your URL!

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